07 décembre 2021

my stay in new zealand

Hello, to start I arrived in wellington in New zealand around 9:35 am, the hours were not like in France, it made me strange but I got used to it quickly.
Arrived at my apartment that I had rented a few days before my trip, I entered a large room with small windows giving a view 
of all the illuminated skyscrapers it was incred
I went to bed because the trip was very long and exhausting.

Days 1:
For my first day, I wanted to canoeing I love it !! So I got up at 9 a.m. The canoeing session started at 10:30 am.
at 12 p.m. I finished the session it was magic I saw majestic landscapes
12:30 p.m., I went to eat Fish n Chips with a friend from the canoe
Then I visited The giant's house, it was beautiful and so original, it changed in France.
After this visit I went home, I showered after a busy day and I ate then I had sleep

Days 2 :
I had decided to go to a zoo to find typical animals from here, here the favorite animal is the kiwi,
Dossier - Les oeufs du kiwi - Podcast Science
then my friend called me because there was a rudby match, so I got ready for the match at 8 p.m.,
rugby is one of the favorite sports of the English, there were at least 10,000 people in the stands, it was really crazy.
The Haka was crazy, it looked like they wanted to kill them, the people in the stands were crazy too
I back home quite tired so I ate a little and fell asleep quickly.

Days 3 :
I wanted to spend a rather cool and calm day so I decided to go for a boat trip.

Pavlova (cake) - Wikipedia
I didn't know but the driver took me to see the whales
The wales were splendid. They really make a lot of noise and a sound original noise.
I got home at 6 p.m., I took a part of Pavlova, it's a Swiss meringue cake topped with whipped cream and covered with fresh fruit.
It's really super good.

Days 4
The penultimate day of my departure, I went to visit houses in Hobbit, one of the most classic outings to do in NewZealand

Visiter Hobbiton en Nouvelle-Zélande : info, prix & réservation pour la visiteIt was too cute it was really small and full of colors, it looked like a fairy tale.
That evening, I went back to see a rudby match, because I really liked the first one.
At the beginning, there was the Haka, of the Maori. It's quite impressive how they scream, their heads ect.

Days 5 :
And finally, I decided to go surfing the waves, I even could surf with dolphins.
It was a magical moment, they are so nice these dolphins.
The same evening I put my clothes in my suitcase, the little souvenirs
I was happy to return to France but also sad that it happened so quickly.

Days 6:
I arrived on the plane at 7 a.m., to leave at 7:30 a.m.*
I will never forget this trip, I will keep in touch with my friend.
I am so thankful for the English, they are amazing. They welcomed me with so much kindness.
This is the end of this wonderful trip !!
See you soon for new adventures !!



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